Braavheart: Morgane Van Marcke

Meet Morgane, besides her ravishing appearance and her unique colourful fashion-sense she has turned her passion for health and food into her dream by founding the lifestyle and plant-based food platform "Humbly by Morgane". Read along for her full story. Curious about her recipes?  She's made special Braav-proof plant-based recipes that are included in our latest guide, so hurry up and get your hands on a copy now. 

Could you describe yourself in just a few sentences? 

I’m Morgane, 25 years old and living in Antwerp. I’m the founder of Humbly by Morgane, a lifestyle and plant-based food platform that was created at the beginning of the global pandemic. I have an enormous passion for health and food and am the luckiest person to have been able to turn my hobby into my profession. The motivation to start Humbly came from my recipe page on Instagram which I created a year ago, called Humbly By Morgane. I was so pleasantly surprised by the positive feedback and felt like people really appreciated the vegan recipes which drove me to pursue it. Today the Humbly by Morgane platform is about more than just recipes, it has become a place where people can be inspired by the whole atmosphere in and around the Humbly kitchen.

How do you approach life generally? 

“Know your worth and invest in yourself”

What is the ultimate relaxation for you? 

For me the ultimate relaxation is getting a massage or a facial. Otherwise I love spending an evening in my couch with my boyfriend watching a movie. There’s really nothing I love more than being at home with my family and friends.

If you could give 1 ultimate tip to other ambitious women, what would that be? 

Young women, including myself, tend to underestimate themselves and can suffer from a fear of failure. That’s why it’s important to empower other women and remind them of their strengths. Remind yourself and others that your fears should never be bigger than your dreams.

How do you maintain a healthy work/life balance?  

Since I run my own business I have a hard time putting my work aside, as I feel like there’s always more work to be done. I can work for months at a time, not giving myself a day off and have learned that this is really counterproductive. Therefore I try to plan in my free time as well, because it is so important for my wellbeing. Taking time off actually makes me way more productive and efficient.

Do you have any kind of ritual before going to bed? 

Before going to bed I have a little skincare ritual, I clean my face really well with a high quality micellair water and then spray my skin with 100% pure rose water from Chantecaille (I’m obsessed with their products). When I get into bed I usually listen to a good podcast, read and drink some tea.

What's your favorite workout? 

My favourite workout is without a question a barre or pilates class. I love both of them   because they give me all that I need from a workout in one hour. To me it’s the perfect combination of cardio, to get your heartrate up, and strengthening exercises, to make me feel stronger.

Goals for the future? 

I hope to grow professionally in the things we do today with Humbly. We are working hard to keep our content delicious, interesting and real, to inspire more people every day and expand our reach. Many exciting projects are being worked on at Humbly and we will have to assess whether these projects will help us reach our goals. Today we are a mainly digitally focussed platform but I would love to offer a range of our own (physical) products in the long run. I hope to build Humbly into a high-quality food brand, but we will have to see where different business opportunities will take us. It’s not that we don’t have a specific plan for our future, but I do believe in grabbing opportunities that present themselves in the moment and allowing yourself to deviate from your original plan.

Must read/hear book or podcast for our braavheart community? 

My favourite podcast is the one by Deliciously Ella. The episodes are always really informative, they focus on mental and physical wellbeing while trying to help you to create a positive relationship with your body.

A must-read for me is “Factfulness”, it is a hopeful book that brings certain issues that our world is facing today into perspective.

Favorite recipe? 

My favourite recipe is a pasta pomodoro, so simple yet so good. The combination of fresh garlic, basil, high quality tomatoes, olive oil and pasta is just unbeatable to me.

Guilty pleasure?

One of my biggest pleasures is dark chocolate, I eat it after every savoury meal.

Who should be our next Braavheart?

One woman I really admire in the Belgian food industry is Barbara Jacops from the amazing blog Les Petites Pestes. She has an aesthetic and a way with food that I have not seen with anyone else, so creative and out of the ordinary. She has really put her own personal stamp on the Belgian food scene.

Thanks a lot, Morgane!