7 must-read business books

Starting your own business? Get inspired & learn from these 7 must-read business books. 

 Based on our own experience and from the Braavhearts, we all try to read as many as possible interesting books to keep us inspired and up to date. Not every paragraph will be super relevant to you, so if you want to go for maximal efficiency we recommend installing the app Blinkist.  

1. You are a badass - Jen Sincero

Recommended by our braavheart Ester Andries, we were curious about this book. You are a badass who will identify and change the self-sabotaging beliefs and behaviors that stop you from getting what you want. 

2. The art of people - Dave Kerpen

No matter who you are or what profession you're in, the Art of People will show you how to charm and win over anyone. This book will teach you everything about people skills and building your dream team. 

3. This is marketing - Seth Godin

What is the purpose of your business and which define to you make? Seth Godin taps into the purpose of your work. He believes that the only way to make a difference is to truly see and understand the people you seek to influence.

4. The 4-hour workweek - Timothy Ferris

The 4-hour workweek will give you a step-by-step guide to living the life of your dreams in an efficient way. 'How to outsource your life and do whatever you want?'

5. Think and grow rich - Napoleon Hill 

The greatest motivational book of all time! Napoleon Hill's thirteen step program will set you on the path to wealth and success. Think and Grow Rich reveals the money-making secrets of hundreds of America's most affluent people. By thinking like them, you can become like them. This powerful 1937 classic, with analysis from self-development authority Tom Butler-Bowdon, will continue to be read through the decades of economic boom and bust, proving that the magic formula for making money never changes. 

6. Sapiens - Yuval Noah Harari

Recommended by our Braavheart Helen. 

The question of happiness, which continues to play such an important role today, plays a crucial role in this: 'Are we happier than the hunter-gatherers, say? What makes us happy?' He criticizes society and our way of life, but also nuances each time, leaving the door open to his own interpretation and, above all, encourages thinking. 

7. Thinking fast and slow - Daniel Kahneman

Why is there more chance we'll believe something if it's in a bold type face? Why are judges more likely to deny parole before lunch? Why do we assume a good-looking person will be more competent? The answer lies in the two ways we make choices: fast, intuitive thinking, and slow, rational thinking. This book reveals how our minds are tripped up by error and prejudice (even when we think we are being logical), and gives you practical techniques for slower, smarter thinking. It will enable to you make better decisions at work, at home, and in everything you do.