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Efficiency & Productivity hacks to live a better life

Efficiency & Productivity hacks to live a better life

If we could just have a couple of hours extra in the day. We've all been there, right? Below you'll find 6 efficiency & productivity hacks that actually work. 

    1. Learn to say no

      Accept the fact that you cannot be everywhere at the same time and thus not please everyone around you. The only way to live your better life is to listen to your body and mind and determine what's right for you. You don't feel like going out? Well that's ok, your close friends will not blame you for that. And the ones who do probably aren't supposed to be in your inner circle anyway. 

    2. Take breaks more frequently

      With a busy schedule, you easily feel like every minute you're not doing something is a waste of time. While on the contrary lots of studies show that if you take breaks more frequently it will only boost your productivity. So think twice before skipping your well-deserved lunch break again. Even if it's just for short 15 minutes, get away from your desk, get some fresh air, and talk to someone. You'll see that you'll be far more productive than if you would just have stayed behind your desk. This principle also applies to evenings and weekends. Try to block enough time in your agenda to relax, workout, and do stuff you actually want to to. Treat yourself for your hard work, that's the only way you'll feel energized to start back at it the next day. 

    3. Wake-up a bit earlier. 

      You've probably already read our miracle morning blogpost (if you have not please do so ;-)). At Braav we believe there's no better way to boost your day than to wake-up a bit earlier than you usually do and make time for the things you would otherwise easily skip as your schedule gets busier throughout the day. For example: meditation, visualisation, exercise, reading, etcetera. You'll notice you'll feel proud of yourself to actually already accomplish more before 8 am than most people do throughout the day. Consequently, you start the day off with a hell of a lot more energy than just rolling out of bed 10 minutes before you need to leave to get to work. This really powerful behavioral shift. 

    4. Look at your schedule the day before

      Preparation is everything, so take your time to look at your schedule the day before. Is there anything you need to prepare in advance or think of in the morning? This habit only takes you 5 minutes but will enable you to not face any surprises the day ahead and will make you feel relaxed to fall asleep as you know you've got everything under control.  

    5. Prioritize your to-do's

      Trust us, everybody has a pile of tasks they know they should do. However, it's important you start prioritizing your to-do list and create some direction in the chaos. Try to create 3 buckets: urgent things, important things, and not immediately important things. Then tackle the urgent & important things first before spending time on the not immediately important things. 

    6. Eat the frogs first. 

      We've all got those tasks that we really don't like doing and prefer to avoid or postpone over and over again. When you put them on your schedule by the end of the day, you probably won't feel like doing them and postpone them again till the next day. Try to shift this mentality by putting them on your schedule first thing in the morning, our energy level is the highest here. And guess how you'll conquer the rest of the day if you managed to finish the most annoying tasks already?

We hope you feel inspired and energised to start putting these hacks into practice, you'll be amazed by the work you can accomplish within the same hours you used to do and have some more free time to build on yourself and do things you actually love to do, only good energy can come from that, right?