5 things you didn't know about Earthy Andy

Five funfacts of the sun-kissed Haleiwa-based health guru with whose life we'd want to exchange immediately.

1) Health issues

Earthy Andy (aka Andrea Hanneman) suffered some health issues throughout her entire life. After years of countless doctors appointments and short fixes, and after enduring a lifetime of stomach spasms and health issues, Hannemann decided to adopt a strict, plant-based diet. And, as her ailments faded away, she realized it was the best thing she’d ever done.

2) high-carb, low-fat, plant-based vegan

If she'd put a label on her diet it'd be: "high-carb, low-fat, plant-based vegan." A mouthful! But Andrea nuances it:

“Actually, I would consider it more of a lifestyle than a diet. Eating well, managing stress and work, and exercising are all important. I’m trying to find a holistic approach to achieving health and happiness.” 

3) Love at first sight

Andrea moved from Canada to Hawaii as a teenager because she felt her heart always belonged in the tropics. Soon after she moved here, she met Shem and fell in love. Side note: they actually never went on one date, he hadn't even spent a dollar on her ('in fact I don't think he had $1 dollar to his name!", Andrea laughs). Shem proposed after a week and almost 10 years later they have two three blonde babes living the life.  


4) Secret Instagram page

She kept her vegan diet secret from her friends and family at first...

She started @earthyandy on an impulse after having disappointing news from her weekly doctor’s appointment. She decided right away to give plant based diet a try, giving it thirty days and committed to journalling it. She decided to keep my health change a secret from her family and friends in fear that they would be talked out of it. She used Instagram to document how she was doing, what she ate, what she had learned, like a diary. No motives to gain followers or find praise, she just wants to be real and continue her health journey: "I cherish it as my place of support and consider it a creative outlet and journal of life"

5) Mango addiction

Her favourite food are definitely mangos, she admits! But all other fresh tropical fruit too. On her Instagram page you can see a broad variety of açai bowls and thai food like coconut curries, pad thai, summer rolls, Japanese and Korean foods! Andrea's favorite ingredients are fresh quality ingredients. She always has lots of juicy cucumbers, salads, fresh herbs, basil, mint and cilantro, lemongrass, ginger and turmeric, and whatever fruit is juicy and in season. 

6) Flat stomach tip

Andrea's tip for a flat stomach? Apart from doing crazy workout video's on TikTok with her husband, Andrea also recommends eating fruit before cooked meals, otherwise a it stays in your stomach longer and it ferments. And she would avoid salty food, then you are less bloated.


Braav'ers, do you want to start living a plant based diet life yourself? Andrea has one last tip for beginners: 

"Commit! Fully commit and don’t even allow yourself to question it until you have met your goal, whatever you decide that is. Our minds are amazing at convincing us to not change. Discipline is the challenge. Prepare to succeed, stay nourished, full and hydrated, get educated, enjoy and view the process as a new adventure and learning experience. Before you know it, it won’t feel foreign and instead become simply your way of life."

Pssst, want to try one of her delicious recipes? Find Earthy Andy's version of nicecream, here. 

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