Cycling apparel labels that make you want to ride your bike

Surveys show that cycling has been a winner during lockdown. 

Research undertaken in Canterbury showed some people used the lockdown to pick up a new form of exercise.

Cycling was the most popular, at 78 percent, on top of walking (64 percent), at-home workouts (38 percent), and running (37 percent), as the most popular new form of exercise.

Are you one of those cycling newbies looking for the right gear? We'd love to help you out. 

1. Isadore Apparel 

Isadore Apparel is the brainchild of twin brothers and ex-professional cyclists from Slovakia who got the love of cycling. The Velits family had a bicycle store where the brothers became passionate about cycling at a young age, but also about the latest trends in cycling clothing. 

The brothers use their Pro cycling design knowledge, and combine it with clean design for any rider with an active cycling lifestyle. All apparel is manufactured locally where they live. They strongly believe in giving back to the society in which we live, creating jobs and be able to control every aspect of our product developments and productions.

By choosing local, socially and environmentally responsible manufacturers and packaging manufactured in recycled or recyclable paper, you can enjoy your ride with a clean conscience in Isadore Apparel.

2. LaPassione

Do it with (La)passion, or not at all. Though LaPassione is primarily focused on their male consumers, they're catching up on apparel for cycling ladies too luckily.

The Italian label has a strong aesthetic feeling. In developing new products or designs LaPassione gets inspiration from Italian tradition, not only in fashion but, above all, in graphic and industrial design. They try to maintain the Italian attitude of doing beautiful things that actually work.


3. Rapha

Without doubt one of the coolest cycling labels at the moment. Founded in 2004 by Simon Mottram in London with the mission of creating the finest and most luxurious racing apparel in the world. 

P.S. Rapha organisms thousands of cool events voor passionate cyclists worldwide. The Rapha Cycling Club (RCC) aims to build a community of like-minded amateur and racing cyclists.


4. Café Du Cycliste

This pur sang French Cycling apparel is - in their own words - "inspired by the roads of the Côte d'Azur and the climbs of the Alpes-Maritimes". Which can be translated into a fresh and light collection with stripes, flowers and other happy prints.



Two befriended designers in Melbourne with a background in the surf and skate scene thought that something new could be brought to the market when it comes to cycling outfits. With succes, since 2014 MAAP has become an internationally praised cycling brand.

The company's Australian roots clearly show in their colourful designs and head-turning patterns. Jerseys and bibs in bright colours contrasting timeless background tones and their signature brand name ensure that your outfit grabs attention, on and off the bike.


6. Peloton de Paris 

Peloton de Paris is a Belgium based cycling brand that combines high quality cycling apparel and casual wear with great designs.
But it's so much more than a clothing brand only. In fact, Peloton de Paris combines a bar, a bicycle shop and a repair shop. 
Refuel with some coffee and cake during a cycle tour, watch a race on a big screen, or buy a new outfit... Everyone is welcome, whether you love bikes or not. 

 7. Le Bram 

Le Brams can be summed up in three words: energy, agility and elegance.

In order to offer bike outfits that stand out from the crowd, Jeanne and Vincent, two French bike enthusiasts, decided to create a brand with a different style.
Their goal? To ride comfortably with style and elegance. For this reason they developed ranges composed of technical and original jerseys which stand out with a style shaking up traditional codes.