Glamping, a travel trend to stay ūüćÉ

Escape from your daily routine

Glamping, the idea of making camping an enjoyable, comfortable, and well-designed stay in nature and the outdoors as for many people. The word glamping means a type of camping that is more comfortable and luxurious than traditional camping. Glamping is the new trend in outdoor tourism and here to stay. It is a combination of luxury and nature, comfort, and respect for the environment as well as providing exclusivity and uniqueness in offering accommodation. There are different ways of glamping. In safari tents, treehouses, lodges, and even bubbles. 

"At Braav, the perfect trip after a busy and hectic week is to discover Belgium in one of the unique glamping facilities."



Discover Nutchel's Forest Camp located in the heart of Belgium Ardennes, near Martelange. Go back-to-basic and rediscover the pleasure of simple things; create light via oil lamps and candles, and heat up your cabin with a wood stove. Nutchel is the perfect place to escape busy daily life, reconnect to nature, and spend quality time with friends and family!



The perfect combination between a luxurious diner and the glamping experience. At Glamping Colette on the Vijvers in Averbode you will spend the night in an extremely comfortable and very spacious tent (24 m2). Your tent is very stylishly furnished with real beds and all the necessary attributes for a comfortable night. Each glamping tent is located right next to the water and offers a magnificent view of the impressive setting of the private domain De Vijvers in Averbode



Dessert dreams in the heart of Nijlen. Diner & overnight stay in an oasis of heavenly nature a stone's throw from Antwerp.



Living in a world where everyone and everything is connected can be exhausting. ‚Ā£That's why minimalistic living has its tremendous benefits for health & also well-being. It also gives you the opportunity to concentrate on the important things.‚Ā£¬†Find out the benefits of a minimalistic lifestyle by spending a couple of nights in one of our Slow Cabins.‚Ā£



 Glamping all year round with your own modular Tortiga cabin. Create your own secret place. Modular cabins, fully customized to your style & budget.


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