The coolest fitness clubs in Antwerp

Now that days are getting colder and darker we kind of want to return to our favourite indoor workouts and gyms. We've listed some of the coolest workout concepts here in Antwerp. 


#1 Sportclub het eiland 

Sportclub het eiland is without any doubt the most member focused club. They strongly believe in the philosophy that members come first, they place them at the centre of every experience. Besides muscles and toned bodies friendships are built there. 

They host over 7 workout concepts from boxing to cycling to pilates and yoga. So no matter what kind of sports you might be into you'll for sure find your thing there. They are continuously reinventing themselves in order to raise the bar even higher. A bold team of young enthusiastic sports fanatics will make you feel welcome and get you to your goal whatever that may be. 


#2 Yoga factory 

A hideaway in the centre of Antwerp, follow the staircases to the most intimate, cosy, loft studios and open the doors to your strength and endless potential.

The Yoga Factory offers unique and one of a kind pilates, dance and workout classes for the contemporary woman that wants to move her body and challenge herself continuously. To follow one of her classes is definitely ranked super high in our weekly  me-time / workout moments.

#3 M4teria 

At M4teria they put personal contact first. From high energy personal training at your own pace to a lazy coffee in our lounge area. From group lessons that are more cozy than crowded to personalized advise from our in house physiotherapist.

At M4teria you’ll find the latest fitness technology combined with the most tried and tested fitness techniques, all wrapped up in a luxurious and pleasing atmosphere. Because they feel that the toughest workouts deserve the softest towels. 

#4 The Brick

A gym where success is not determined by the number of drops of sweat, but by the desire to immediately start a new workout. A place where the latest technology works seamlessly with the most proven techniques. Where you can find a personalized training as well as a moment for yourself. Where you can develop strength and find comfort, alone or side by side. A place that inspires you to discover, understand and improve yourself. With big jumps or small steps.

#5 Nicsboxing

For those who didn't know it yet, an hour of boxing training is a highly efficient combination of cardio and core strengthening exercises. Nic will for sure push your limits and challenge you to become the best version of yourself. Train like a fighter, feel like a champion! 

While in summer Nic loves to take his clients outdoor, he has is own studio at Park Spoor Noord for the colder days. Team up with your friends for a group lesson or book a private one in order to level-up. 


Happy indoor training guys!