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Braav Lifestyle

What sports means to us

What sports means to us

As you all know; at Braav we want to promote an active lifestyle in which everyone can do what they like to do to exercise, relax and grow. We want to enable everyone to get the best out of themselves and are fully aware that this can be very different things (from quiet yoga to intense HIIT training). We want to give women the tools and community that supports them and makes them feel they conquer the world. Not only because we love sports and the fact that it makes us feel good. But also because we ourselves strongly believe that sport-related challenges also contribute to personal growth in other aspects of life. Everyone simply deserves a little bit of sporty-me-time from time to time ;-)  We go for an impact on people's lives and also deal with the impact on the environment in such a responsible way. 

Now what does sport actually means for us individually? 

We briefly noted down our personal vision. 


For me sport is one of the most important ways to fully relax after a busy day at the office. Running your own company is quite challenging from time to time and there are always a dozen things left on my to-do-list when I leave the office. However, having my hour of sport really forces me to clear my head completely. It allows me to look at things from a different perspective and makes me return to the office with a clear head and fully re-energized. Next to that, I’m also a strong believer that if you are willing to push yourself out of your comfort zone and you are not afraid of a little bit of physical pain in order to reach your goal, it actually turns you into a stronger person physically as well as mentally.


I see sports as an important part of my life. I see a workout, a run, a cycling session as a reward after a hectic day, as something to look forward to, and yes maybe also as a “necessity”, as I like to keep my form and condition at a high level. 

But not only is sport the ultimate relaxation or reward, I can also put my competitiveness into it. Not to others, but to myself. 


For me there are four aspects of working out that really affects my personal life and well being: stress relief, competition, re-energize and social life. After a hectic period or a day full of meetings/calls I don’t feel like getting into sports. But everytime I push myself to go and never regret it afterwards. This moment is a stress relief routine and improves my sleep.I never think about work, when working out. The next thing I like about sports is the level of competition. I’ve always loved team sports and other kinds of activities where you need to push yourself to get that victory. I don’t like losing and that’s why I go the extra mile on the tennis/padel court or during a gym session. The third aspect of sports is that I can re-energize myself. A morning workout before a hectic and busy day at work can give you so much energy and strength that you can conquer anything. Last but not least, I can see my friends during the week or on the weekend during a tennis game. It’s just not about the sports, but also the after sports, that makes me feel super good and relaxed.