5 sports to stay active during winter

Brave yourself! Winter is coming. How to stay active during these cold days? 

We share our favourite sports with you to practice during winter & fall season. 


1. Climbing 

Ever dreamed of reaching the top? Push yourself during a climbing session. This workout will result in stronger arms, stress relief and improved concentration & focus. 


2. Home workouts 

At Braav we are preparing a lot of home workout to share with you during "covid" & winter times. It just asks 10 minutes of your time, but you will train your entire body during the week. We think of everything: toned arms, abs, booty and legs. Check out our Youtube channel for all our videos. 

3. Padel

Not just a hype, but a trend to stay. One of the most fast growing sports and so much fun to do! You can practice this outside or indoor. One thing is sure: you will run, sweat and burn those calories. Ask your bubble to come along, cause Padel is played 2 against 2.  


4. Indoor ice skating

Feel the burn in your glutes, legs and booty. Ice skating is not as easy as it looks like! 



5. Train for your first half triathlon 

Why waiting till January to set your goals for 2021? Take a lead and start training for your first half triathlon. Need extra tips? Read the article how Elise experienced her first triathlon here. Any extra questions? Send us a DM.