How to Stay Motivated to workout

Hey we feel ya, with gyms and sportclubs being closed for a couple of months now it might be a bit hard to stick to your workout routine. We've listed some tips to get your routine back and stick to it. 

#1 - Find out which workout you like most and what works best for you

Which workout did you enjoy most the past couple of months? Do you like yoga or pilates more instead of cardio? At what time of the day is your motivation the highest? Also: know yourself, it takes a hell of a lot of determination to workout on a Friday night, so perhaps on Friday, it might be wiser to put your workout early in the morning. Next to that evaluate whether you prefer to eat something before or after your workout, yet again this is super personal. Find out what your body wants and how it can perform at it's best. 


#2 - Set new goals for yourself

Research shows that setting goals will help you increase motivation. 

To give you guys some inspiration, here some examples of concrete goals:

  • I want to workout 3-4 times a week
  • I want to go for a run x times a week before heading to work. 
  • I want to keep reaching my daily goal of 10.000 steps a day by walking to work or park my car a bit further every day. 
  • By the end of August I want to be able to run 10km. 
  • I want to gain muscle and lose some fat tissue

Whatever goal works best for you, will help you stay motivated! 


#3 - Enjoy the weather and greenery

Enjoy the chance to workout outside. After spending a day at the (home)office, grab the chance to go for a run in the park or do your exercises on a grass field. Fresh air always feels refreshing after a day inside. There are many beneficial effects of working out outside; it reduces blood pressure, stress and increases feelings of wellbeing and happiness. 

#4 - Find the perfect workout friend(s)

The best way to stay motivated is to find a friend who has set the same goals. By motivating each other, you will achieve your goals together. You’ll motivate each other when you don’t want to go for a run or do your exercises. No more excuses on top of that it's a hell of more fun together!

#5 - Get on track with a clear schedule

After a period of being quite out of it, enter the holidays and Christmas period. It might be easier to get back on track when you have a clear schedule. We've totally got your back there cause this is the exact reason we've created our Braav Body Guide. The guide is perfectly suitable for beginners as well as more advanced athletes and provides you with a 30 day schedule that will never get boring as it's a mix of strength and cardio exercises with some dedicated running days in between. Do we need to say more? 


Hopefully, our tips will help you reach your fitness goals! 

We are always open to answering any questions you guys might have.
Keep in touch :-)