Braav Body Guide

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Hi, welcome to the Braav Body Guide. Let's kick-start this year in the right way. Our Body Guide is over 50 pages long, filled with health tips & tricks and challenging workouts to give you the necessary tools you need to create new healthy habits.
  • Our 30-day workout plan will challenge you to the maximum and will never get boring as it's a combination of youtube videos, circuits trainings and running sessions. Sure, there is a 30-day workout agenda, but we don't believe in time frames as such. An energetic lifestyle isn't something you learn within 30 days, it's a process of trial and error. Plus, this guide has a timeless character, since you can keep on doing the workouts in combination with the running plans -in short: it adapts into what works best for you.
  • What more can you expect? Two 30-days running plans: 0-5 KM and 5-10 KM.
  • A nutrition guide and introduction to intuitive eating
  • Healthy recipes
  • EXTRA: 20% discount on selected products from Jusjus!


Once checked out, you will receive the download at the checkout page and in your mailbox. We will give you access to our private youtube channel within 24hours after the download. 


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